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In Spain you need a number of insurance policies. We advise you to take out comprehensive home insurance for your home in Spain. Fortunately, you don't have to figure out which ones are the best and which packages you have to take out. For its customers, VIDANDO works together for his clients with a English-speaking insurance office in Spain that provides you with extensive information and helps you take out the following insurance policies:

Health insurance

One can use both the public and the private health care system. We recommend to use both health care systems as these 2 health care systems together correspond to what people are used to in UK.

  • Public health care

Everyone pays a contribution to the Spanish social services (Seguridad Social) if you work for a Spanish company or if you are self-employed in Spain, this contribution entitles you to free or subsidized medical care (under the same conditions as those for Spaniards) and you can see this Seguridad Social as basic cover whereby the basic medical care as well as the medicines are reimbursed.

After registering with the Seguridad Social, you will receive a registration card (cartilla de la seguridad social or tarjeta sanitaria), usually by post about 4 to 8 weeks later. In some cases, one can pick up the registration card at the nearest Centro de Salud. A married couple with a working partner are both insured under the same social insurance number, as are all (eg children under 16) who are listed on the social insurance card.

  • Private healthcare

A supplementary private insurance you have:

  1. Shorter waiting times
  2. Free choice of hospital and doctors
  3. The most extensive coverage such as dentist, specialists and physiotherapy
  4. In terms of premium, private insurance is comparable to the personal contribution for the health insurance fund in the UK. (The maximum entry age is currently 60 years)

Buildings (house) - Contents - Liability

In Spain it is customary to bring these three insurance policies under one policy.

  • Building (home) insurance

The building insurance (home) insurance provides cover for damage of a constructive nature as a result of, for example, earthquakes, lightning, explosion, storm, floods, fire, etc. Insure the correct rebuilding value of your house. That is the amount that you would now have to spend to rebuild your house (excluding the ground and foundation).

If you are going to buy a new-build house, pay attention to the DECENAL insurance. This is the insurance, which provides a 10-year guarantee on hidden defects. Before the start of the construction, it must be closed either by you as the client of the construction or by the contractor.

  • Home insurance

Home contents insurance covers damage to items in your home. Think, for example, of damage that occurs after a fire or a burst water pipe. Or compensation for the items that you have lost after your house has been broken into. The insurance is tailored to your personal situation, including the value of your household effects and your living situation.

  • Liability insurance

It is possible that others suffer financial loss or physical injury for which you or your family members are liable. This can have serious financial consequences for you. So you can insure yourself for that. This insurance also covers damage caused by your pet(s).

Car insurance

In Spain there are 2 car insurance policies; W.A. & All Risk with or without deductible. The car can be insured in Spain after it has been imported and registered in Spain, we can also assist you with this. We take over the no-claim discount built up in the Netherlands, to which we add that Spanish companies do not go further than 55%.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is indispensable when you travel. It covers the costs in the event of loss, theft or damage to your luggage.

Suppose you become ill during the holiday, the insurance will cover the medical treatment and the extra accommodation costs. If you are seriously ill and it is better for your recovery that someone comes over from home, the insurance covers that too. In addition, repatriation costs are covered by travel insurance. You can take out travel insurance with world and Europe coverage.

It is advisable to read your policy conditions carefully or to take out additional insurance if you are going to participate in special sports. For example: skiing, abseiling, mountain climbing, hang gliding, hang gliding, climbing, parachuting, practicing caving, ultralight flying, ice climbing and gliding, etc.

ATTENTION Do not cancel your current (UK) insurance policy immediately before you have taken out other insurance policies in Spain to avoid problems during applications.

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